Bobcat Mouthpiece Extractor

The Bobcat Mouthpiece Extractor will remove a stuck mouthpiece in most brass instruments without damage. It has become the standard in the industry, used worldwide by repair technicians, professional musicians, and educators. Works on all brass instruments. Easy, safe to use design takes just seconds to remove even severely stuck mouthpieces.

Don’t use pliers or a vice or a door jamb to attempt removal of a stuck mouthpiece. These methods will probably fail and are very likely to case serious damage to your instrument. Very useful for schools, brass bands and concert bands and could potentially pay for itself in a short time by reducing repair costs. A real must have item for all busy brass teachers!

Sturdy construction, compact design, and no loose parts or attachments to keep track of.

  • The world’s most popular mouthpiece extractor
  • Can be used on any brass instrument from Trumpet to Tuba.
  • Does not leave any marks on the instrument.
  • Very easy and quick to use.
  • Aluminium body makes it light to carry around.
  • Will save expensive workshop repairs provided that you get to it before Dad uses his pliers!

Using the Bobcat Mouthpiece Extractor is very easy, but if you are unsure you should always take your instrument to a repair workshop, otherwise you could cause further damage.

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