CarolBrass 5200H Orchestral Trumpet


Gold brasss bell
Yellow brass standard construction leadpipe
2 tuning slides

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CarolBrass 5200H Orchestral Trumpet

The CarolBrass 5200H Orchestral Trumpet has a standard size and weight gold brass bell with standard construction yellow brass leadpipe and nickel silver outer slides. The 5200H has been designed with orchestral playing in mind but is versatile enought for use in most situations. All 5xxx trumpets are supplied with two main tuning slides – one square (traditional feel) and one rounded (for less resistance).

Model:                CTR-5200H-GSS
Key:                     Bb
Finish:                 Lacquer
Bore:                    ML 0.460″
Bell:                      Gold brass, Standard size, Standard thickness
Leadpipe:             Yellow brass, standard construction
Tuning slide:       Inner yellow brass/Outer nickel silver
1st valve slide fixed finger ring
3rd valve slide fixed finger ring with stopper screw

Outfit includes:

3C mouthpiece
Black woodshell case
2 tuning slides

About CarolBrass:
Handcrafted in Chiayi, Taiwan, CarolBrass instruments offer exceptional value for money for all players from beginners to seasoned pros. All CarolBrass trumpets cornets and flugel horns feature the same high quality stainless steel valves (also used by many custom manufacturers throughout the world) ensuring years of trouble-free playing. There are two series of CarolBrass instruments: Standard Series and Custom Series.

Standard Series: Includes all levels of instrument from beginner (1xxx) to professional (5/6xxx). These are standard configurations based on CarolBrass’ experience. For details please refer to Standard Series Model Numbering

You can also customise the Standard Series models: Standard Series Custom Options

Custom Series: With the Custom Series the player can choose their own specification making use of different materials (such as yellow brass, gold brass, red brass, bronze and sterling silver, etc.), bell size and weight, leadpipe design – the permutations are almost endless! Some examples of the Custom Series can be seen here: Custom Series models

For a full list of options please see the links below:

Custom Series Model Numbering

Custom Series Custom Options

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