Kanstul 900 Trumpet


Kanstul 900 Trumpet
The Kanstul 900 Trumpet is a superb all around player, featuring medium large bore, the popular “E” bell and reverse mouthpipe. T…

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Kanstul 900 Trumpet

The Kanstul 900 Trumpet is a superb all around player, featuring medium large bore, the popular “E” bell and reverse mouthpipe. The Kanstul 900 delivers a full, rich elegant sound that is compact and centered.
Includes Gladstone case & Kanstul mouthpiece

Key: Bb
Bore: .460″
Bell: Hand Hammered One Piece Yellow Brass – 4 7/8″ Diameter
Mouthpipe: No. 25 Reverse
Valves: Monel
Valve Guides: Metal
Slides: Brass
Water Keys: Two Traditional
Intonation: 1st Slide Saddle, 3rd Slide Ring
Finish: Lacquer

About Kanstul

In 1981, Zigmant Kanstul founded Kanstul Musical Instruments, building fine brasswinds both under his own name and for venerable marques like F. Besson. But the story didn’t start there. Zig’s career as a brassmaker began in 1952, at F.E. Olds & Son in Los Angeles. There, he apprenticed and honed his skills under the direction of Foster A. Reynolds, a giant in the history of brasswind design and manufacturing.  In 1970, after 18 years at Olds, eventually leading R&D and production, Zig left to assume the position of Vice President at King Musical Instruments, in charge of the Benge Trumpet factory. He subsequently became Vice President of Manufacturing for C.G. Conn.

Brass historian R. Dale Olson, describing Zig’s beginnings at Olds in his book, Zig Kanstul: Last of the Great Masters,* highlights his place in the line of American brasswind makers, as can be traced from Samuel Graves in 1824, through such figures as Elbridge G. Wright, Thomas Dudley Paine, J. Lathrop Allen, Isaac Fiske, James W. York and Foster Reynolds:

“It was, in 1952, an opportunity for a young craftsman from Minneapolis, Minnesota to eventually move into a very remarkable cluster of historically important individuals within the field of brass instrument making. This assemblage had formed a continuous sequence dating to the early 19th Century and destined to terminate in the 21st Century. Over sixty-four years after he first moved to California, Zig Kanstul would eventually become recognized as the last of the great masters of brass musical instrument design and construction, with a professional genealogy traced back over 175 years.”

Today, Kanstul Musical Instruments, under the direction of Zig’s sons Mark and Jack, continues to innovate and build the finest and fullest line of brasswind instruments—from raw brass stock to finish— in the original factory located in Anaheim, California. Just one mile from Disneyland and within driving distance of the Hollywood studios, the factory is a hub of activity, not just for building horns, but for artists, design colleagues, tours and events.

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