Olds NL5M Cornet lacquered finish


Olds NL5M Cornet lacquered finish


Olds NL5M Cornet
Old stock in perfect condition Lacquer not guaranteed

Outfit includes woodshell case & Olds mouthpiece

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Olds NL5M Cornet lacquered finish

Our Olds NL5M Cornet lacquered finish is old stock in perfect condition. However because of the time we have had it stored we can not guarantee the lacquer.

This outfit includes a woodshell case & Olds mouthpiece.

Pleas note this is not a vintage Olds cornet such as the Olds Recording, Olds Super, Olds Special and Olds Studio however it has very good build quality and was made in the USA.

F. E. Olds was a manufacturer of musical instruments founded by Frank Ellsworth (F.E.) Olds in Los Angeles, California in the early 1900s.

Reginald Birdsall (R.B.) Olds (b. September 11, 1899) came to work with his father in 1920, having served in the U.S. Navy during World War I. With R.B.’s enthusiasm, Olds published their first catalogue in 1925 and introduced new models shortly after.

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