Second Hand Jupiter Prodigy Flute


Silver plated
Curved head
Very good condition
Original case included

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Second Hand Jupiter Prodigy Flute

Second Hand Jupiter Prodigy Flute with curved head. Curved head flutes are designed to enable a young player to feel more comfortable. The Jupiter Prodigy JFL-313S curved head flute design enables a child to start even younger as it is lighter than other curved head flutes, and the placement of the keys is closer together. Do bear in mind it only plays to low D.

  • “Prodigy” Specially designed for the very young
  • Curved head only
  • Body & Foot (integral) silver plate
  • Covered hole
  • Offset finger buttons
  • Silver plated
  • Original case included
  • Very good condition

Second Hand Instruments
Most of our second hand instruments are being sold on behalf of our sister company Southwest Winds Ltd. Our second hand instruments are serviced before being offered for sale, and are subject to six months guarantee. This may not apply to instruments being sold on commission. VAT is not chargeable on our second hand instruments.

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Weight 1.1 kg

Curved Headjoint, Silver Plated


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