Stomvi 5009 Forte Pocket Trumpet


Full size bell
Silver plated

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Stomvi 5009 Forte Pocket Trumpet

The Stomvi 5009 Forte Pocket Trumpet is a free-blowing large bore trumpet featuring Stomvi’s full size #25 bell with #3 leadpipe and durable stainless steel valves. This is a big trumpet made small!

Model: 5009
Bore: Large
Bell: 25
Leadpipe: 3
Water keys: 3
Valves: Stainless steel
Finish: silver plated 1000 thousandth
Outfit includes case and mouthpiece.

The Stomvi Forte trumpets represent the next step forward in the student´s evolution due to their improved directionality of sound, providing an even response throughout all registers. These instruments are incredibly easy to play.

About Stomvi

Aged only 28 VICENTE HONORATO IBÁÑEZ (1952) created his own company devoted to fine jewelry manufacture. At 30 he began his new project: Brass Instrument manufacturing. He was inspired by many professionals who believed in his creative ideas.

He applied all his jewellery knowledge to the handcrafted manufacture of his Stomvi instruments. A similar story happened in the XVI and XVII centuries in Nuremberg, where the musical instruments workshops developed from the jewellers and craftsmen of the time.

Those that know him say he has a gifted musical ear and a great sensibility to perceive and appreciate the finest tuning.

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