Yamaha 304B Tenor recorder

Yamaha 304B Tenor recorder


C/C# double keys, 3 piece, thumb rest brown with white trim

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The Yamaha 304B Tenor Recorder incorporates Yamaha’s wooden design expertise with the convenience and durability of an ABS material. It offers a focused, mellow sound which is balanced in all registers. The Yamaha 304B Tenor Recorder comes with a split C/C# key and is the best plastic tenor on the market. The instruments are based on a design by J.H. Rottenburgh, the famous 17th century Belgian recorder maker. Very suitable for both amateur and professional players. Accurate intonation, rich full tone quality, excellent response, and beautiful Baroque styling with ivory trim.

In addition to the more common descant and treble recorders, ensembles often call for other keys such as tenor, bass, and even ‘Great’ bass recorders. Yamaha offers a full line of top quality tenor and bass recorders in both ABS resin and natural wood materials.

  • C/C# double keys, 3 piece, thumb rest brown with white trim
  • Thumb rest
  • Brown
  • Includes carry case fingerchart cleaning rod and joint grease

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