Yamaha 445GE Trombone YSL-445GE


Yamaha 445GE Trombone YSL-445GE Yamaha 400 Series Trombones feature a beautiful rich tone, balanced response and perfect mechanics.

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Yamaha 445GE Trombone YSL-445GE

The Yamaha 445GE Trombone YSL-445GE features a beautiful rich tone, easy playability, and a balanced response. The bore and bell sizes are the same as professional models, and it boasts a handcrafted assembly which you would normally expect only for a top-of-the-line trombone. The 8-1/2″ bell is made of gold brass for a warm, rich sound which can fill a concert hall and the intonation is very accurate. The slide action is smooth and the quick response and comfortable playability is consistent in almost any register, at almost any dynamic. The 445G is a medium-large bore model for versatility in almost any playing situation.


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