Yamaha YTR-9820C Short Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet


Short model
3 piston valves + 1 rotor
Silver plated
Trumpet mouthpiece receiver

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Yamaha 9820C Short Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet

The Yamaha YTR-9820C Short Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet features 3 piston valves with a rotary valve on the 3rd valve slide to extend the range (often referred to as a 3+1 set-up). This makes a low F (concert D when playing piccolo in A) playable whilst maintaining the agility of a 3 valve set-up.

Though piccolo trumpets are primarily used to play the exciting yet demanding 1st trumpet parts in Baroque literature, modern composers have also begun to incorporate them in contemporary— and even popular — music. Yamaha piccolos are easy to play, have a beautiful tone, and excellent intonation. They are converted to either Bb or A by changing the leadpipes provided.

  • Bb/A Piccolo trumpet
  • Yellow-brass bell
  • Bell: 101mm (4″)
  • M Bore: 11.3mm (0.445″)
  • Silver-plate finish
  • With 4th rotor valve on 3rd valve slide
  • Standard 3rd valve slide also included
  • Mouthpiece: 14A4a
  • With leadpipes for Bb or A


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