Yamaha YTR-6810 Piccolo Trumpet


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Yamaha YTR-6810 Piccolo Trumpet

The Yamaha YTR-6810 Piccolo Trumpet features a small bore and bell size for superb tonal clarity and projection. It is easy to play, has a beautiful tone, and excellent intonation. They are converted to either Bb or A by changing the leadpipes provided. A fourth valve adds an extended range. Piccolo trumpets are primarily used to play the exciting, yet demanding, 1st trumpet parts in Baroque literature.

Monel pistons

Corrision proof and long-lasting.

Hammered one-piece bell

Exceptional tone and response.

Hand-lapped valves and slides

Precise fit and smooth air flow.

Unbraced inner outer tuning slide

Comfortably open with less resistance.

One-piece drawn gold brass leadpipe

Excellent intonation and response, proper resistance.

Also available in silver YTR-6810S

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