Yamaha YTR-9610 Eb/D Trumpet


The Yamaha YTR-9610 Eb/D Trumpet offers outstandingly accurate intonation. 

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Yamaha YTR-9610 Eb/D Trumpet

“The Yamaha YTR-9610 Eb/D Trumpet offers outstandingly accurate intonation. Yamaha high-pitched trumpets feature a brilliant tone with crisp clear attacks and excellent control in the high register. Though originally used primarily for Baroque music, they are increasingly used by solo and orchestral players for security with difficult high passages as well as for the clarity and lyrical qualities of their sound.

Lightweight Eb /D trumpet

Yellow-brass bell

Bell: 120mm (4-3/4″)

M Bore: 11.3mm (0.445″)

Silver-plate finish

Mouthpiece: 14B4

With bell & slides for Eb or D

Other Eb/D trumpets with this design are the  Stomvi  the B&S  Challenger the  Bach Artisan  & the Kanstul 1523

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Weight 1.1 kg


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