Yanagisawa AW032 Peter King Alto Sax


Yanagisawa A-WO32 Peter King Alto Sax
Sterling silver bell and neck
Bronze body and bow

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Yanagisawa AW032 Peter King Alto Sax

Yanagisawa’s ultimate alto model, the Yanagisawa AW032 Peter King Alto Sax (Silver Sonic) delivers a mellow yet powerful tone coupled with a rich command of depth and colour.

Solid Silver Bell and Neck, Bronze Body and Bow

New version of the Yanagisawa A9932J Alto Sax

Key: Eb
Range: Low Bb to High F#
Body: Bronze
Bow: Bronze
Bell: Sterling Silver
Keys: Brass
Finish: Lacquered
Neck: Sterling Silver
Neck Type: Detachable Neck
Case: Leatherette Covered, Woodshell

In 1954 Yanagisawa launched their first model, the T3 tenor saxophone. In 1956 this model was followed by the A3 alto saxophone. For the next ten years the company continued to make saxophones but did not produce any new models. The company, however, endeavouring to become a saxophone specialist , remodelled the existing 2 saxophones and in 1965 a remodelled alto was released as the A5, closely followed by the T5 tenor saxophone in 1966. Modifications were carried to both models and they were both launched as the A4 and T4. 1967 saw the introduction of the first baritone made in Japan, the B6. Then in 1969 the S6 soprano was released. The company continued their policy of upgrading and superceded the A4 by bringing out the A6 in 1970. In 1972, they released the SN6, the world’s first sopranino saxophone with high E key. Up to this period the Yanagisawa Company had been manufacturing instruments for other well known saxophone companies who had their names engraved on them. An example of this was the Selmer Pennsylvania. In 1978 the Yanagisawa began engraved their own name on the bell. The 800 model sopranos were added to the range in 1978 & In 1979 they made their first curved soprano. The whole range was upgraded in 1980 with the introduction of the 880 & 500 series. With the introduction of the world’s first inter-changeable crook soprano, the S880 soprano was launched in 1985. With the introduction of the 900 and 990 series in baritone and soprano saxophones, the quest was on to prove to the world that another major innovation was due. The S990 detachable neck soprano was the worlds first saxophone to have a high G key. The success achieved here eventually saw the introduction of the 900 and 990 series alto and tenor saxophones in 1992. The 992 series was launched in 1998. Continuing the quest to meet the ultimate in sound, the 9937 all solid silver series alto and tenor saxophones were launched in 1999. Following the success of the 992 series which was based on the deluxe 991 series, it was decided to introduce a more affordable range of bronze saxophones based on the 901 series. The S902 bronze straight soprano was introduced in 2000. Production began on the alto, tenor and baritone models in 2001, & the A902, T902 and B902 began appearing in UK specialist woodwind shops during 2001. The 992PG was launched in 2003. In 2003 the SC901 and SC902 curved sopranos were upgraded to the SC991 & SC992.

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