Yanagisawa BWO20 Baritone Saxophone


The Yanagisawa BWO20 Baritone Saxophone is an elite instrument with mechanically superior design features and is aimed at excelling students and professionals.

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Yanagisawa BWO20 Baritone Saxophone

The Yanagisawa BWO20 Baritone Saxophone is an elite instrument with mechanically superior design features and is aimed at excelling students and professionals. This sax includes the key features of the popular B901 model as well as some additional design elements to highlight the saxophone’s improved performance and sound skills. The difference between this model and the BWO10 is the stunning bronzed body that produces dark and rich tones. An upgraded metal pad reflector adds clarity to the tone whilst improving the playing response across the whole dynamic. Unlike the BWO1 model the keys are attached to a rib plate before being mounted onto the saxophone, resulting in improved resonance and tonal stability. In addition to previous models this sax features a palm key plate that delivers high range resonance, acoustic depth, and added projection and tonal stability. An upgraded metal key buffer offers increased longevity and accuracy. A double arm on the bell key lessens the chance of twisting or distortion of the tone hole cup – enabling reliable performance and tonal integrity. This sax features an original hand engraved design by highly skilled craftsmen and comes with a leatherette covered, wood shell case and Yanagisawa branded ebonite mouthpiece.

Quality Mechanisms

Yanagisawa has redesigned many elements of the baritone saxophone to make it a better instrument for advancing students and professionals alike. As standard octave key mechanisms can get sticky over time, Yanagisawa has used fluororesin, non-stick coating to ensure a reliable action with no stickiness for years to come. The C# and Bb keys have been adapted to feature a rocking table (see-saw) mechanism that enables optimal speed and fluidity between these pitches. The B992 features metal, adjustable buffers which as opposed to a plastic material increases longevity and accuracy, as well as allowing players to have full aperture control of the bell tone holes. Yanagisawa use blue steel springs as opposed to stainless steel as they are more efficient and hold tension more effectively, therefore enhance the key action. Yanagisawa provide players with equipment that is flexible to play throughout most musical ranges, so when the baritone saxophone is being played in low ranges the pads will stay well sealed because of the F-auxiliary key that Yanagisawa use on the instrument.

Premium Materials

Yanagisawa has developed the saxophone’s materials in order to improve the sound of the instrument. The baritone saxophones benefit from a newly designed, newly engineered and specially sourced brass material for improved sound and sonority. Yanagisawa’s thumb rest and hook is mounted to the body by only four small points of contact, so unlike many inferior rests, it has minimal negative resonant impact. As the thumb rest is made of brass, it permits a more consistent tonal range. A white shell lining has been added to the keys to make the saxophone more eye catching and to reduce the chance of the player’s fingers slipping during a technical passage.

Bronze Body

The B992 saxophone features a stunning bronze body that offers dark and rich tones to the instrument – perfect for mellow music. The colour difference between the bronze body and brass mechanisms give a lovely aesthetic touch.

Pivot Screws & Bell Brace

Yanagisawa saxophones feature special pointed pivot screws in the centre of all of the arms. These screws accurately control the stability of the centre arms and help to achieve a high precision action.

The bell and body of the saxophone are linked together by a three-point, balanced brace that enables structural security and firm resonance, despite fortissimo being sought.

Hand Engraved & Ebonite Mouthpiece

For a luxury finish the Yanagisawa baritone saxophones feature an attractive and uniquely styled hand engraved pattern on the instrument’s body. Also included is an Yanagisawa branded ebonite mouthpiece – a favourite among sax players. Popular because they produce lovely warm tones and are able to fit into an ensemble seamlessly.


  • Key: Eb
  • Range: Low A to High F#
  • Body: Bronze
  • Bow: Bronze
  • Bell: Bronze
  • Keys: Brass
  • Finish: Lacquered
  • Neck: Bronze
  • Neck Type: Detachable Neck
  • Included Accessories: Leatherette Covered Wood Shell Case + Yanagisawa Branded Ebonite Mouthpiece and Ligature

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