Yanagisawa TWO1U Tenor Saxophone Unlacquered Finish

Yanagisawa TWO1U Tenor Saxophone Unlacquered Finish


The Yanagisawa TWO1 Tenor Sax Unlacquered Finish features an attractive unlacquered finish and is an upgraded model of the legendary T901. 

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Yanagisawa TWO1U Tenor Saxophone Unlacquered Finish

The Yanagisawa TWO1U Tenor Saxophone Unlacquered Finish features an attractive unlacquered finish and is an upgraded model of the legendary T901. It offers superb quality and a strong tonal core thanks to the newly re-engineered bore and tone holes. Suited to both aspiring beginners right up to the experienced professional, the Yanagisawa sax has many innovative features such as the newly designed Front F Keys, Ride Side Keys and Right Pinky Key as well as non-stick buttons, brass thumb rest and hand engraved finish. Included with the TW01 Tenor Saxophone is a top quality case and Ebonite mouthpiece.

Premium Mechanisms

Yanagisawa have redesigned many concepts of the tenor saxophone to make it a better instrument to play. As standard octave key mechanisms can get sticky over time, Yanagisawa’s flouroresin, non-stick coating ensures a reliable action with no stickiness. The C#, Bb and B keys are all connected via a rocking / see-saw mechanism. This is a unique Yanagisawa feature and ensures the easiest transition between these pitches. The buffers used on the bell keys are metal and therefore offer increased longevity and accuracy over plastic and are fully adjustable. This means the aperture of the bell toneholes are within your control.

Top Quality Materials

Yanagisawa have redesigned the saxophone’s materials in order to improve the sound of the instrument. The WO series saxophones benefit from a newly designed, newly engineered and specially sourced brass material for improved sound and sonority. Yanagisawa’s thumb rest and hook is mounted to the body by only four small points of contact, so unlike many inferior rests, it has minimal negative resonant impact. Plus, as the thumb rest is made of brass, it permits a more consistent tonal range.

Pivot Screws & Bell Brace

Special pointed pivot screws are used in all centre arms on Yanagisawa saxophones. These screws precisely maintain the stability of the centre arms, and help achieve a very high precision action whilst the three point balanced brace firmly links the bell and body to ensure structural resilience and firm resonance.

Hand Engraved & Ebonite Mouthpiece

The Yanagisawa WO1 series saxophones feature an attractive and uniquely styles hang engraved pattern on the body for a luxury finish and also include an Ebonite mouthpiece which are favoured for their warm tone and ability to fit into an ensemble seamlessly.

Everything You Need

This Yanagisawa tenor saxophone includes a number of accessories to allow you to get going straight away. All Yanagisawa instruments come with a premium hard case, which stores your sax safely when transporting between rehearsals and concerts. Also included in this outfit is a top quality ebonite mouthpiece and ligature.


  • Key: Bb
  • Range: Low Bb to High F#
  • Body: Brass
  • Bow: Brass
  • Bell: Brass
  • Keys: Brass
  • Finish: Lacquered
  • Neck: Brass
  • Neck Type: Detachable Neck
  • Included Accessories: Fabric Covered Woodshell Case + Yanagisawa Branded Ebonite Mouthpiece and Ligature

Yanagisawa Tenor Saxes

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