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Denis Wick Mutes

Denis Wick Mutes for Brass Instruments

Straight mutes   Wooden straight mutes  Cup mutes   ET ( Wah/Harmon ) mutes   Practice mutes  

For more than a quarter of a century, Denis Wick mutes have set standards of excellence that have made them the choice of the world's finest brass players. There are now Denis Wick mutes for most brass instruments, from piccolo trumpet to tuba. Brilliant straights, versatile cup and ET and innovative practice mutes, Denis Wick mutes are all beautifully made with perfect intonation.

All Denis Wick metal straight mutes are made from high purity spun aluminium, "scotchbrite" finished and bright silver anodised. The well know Denis Wick 5504 and Denis Wick 5521 trumpet and piccolo trumpet models are now complemented by a new straight mute for D trumpet and Eb cornet. There is also a new model for alto trombone which also suits flugel horns with older type small bells. The Denis Wick straight trumpet and trombone mutes have a brilliance and carrying power which make them the choice of the world's finest professionals. The Denis Wick trombone and bass trombone models work perfectly in all registers and are easier to handle than other makes. The Denis Wick french horn mute is widely respected amongst professionals and the euphonium is outstandingly the best available today. The Denis Wick baritone mute now completes the range of straight mutes for all the brass band instruments. The Denis Wick straight mute for tuba has more clarity and is superior in all registers than any other so far developed. It is supplied with extra cork pieces to fit larger tubas. All Denis Wick straight mutes have excellent intonation and are well matched when played together.

It has been a closely guarded secret for many years amongst the best European brass players that wooden straight mutes give a very special tone colour, especially in soft playing. Because they must be hand-made, these mutes have always been expensive and difficult to find. By using new and ingenious manufacturing techniques, it has been possible to produce these mutes at reasonable prices. Construction is of Finnish birch-faced plywood for the sidewalls and marine ply for the bases. All models have a lining of vulcanised fibre.

Denis Wick cup mutes have the perfect intonation that has become the hallmark of all Denis Wick mutes, with the added bonus that the cup position can be adjusted to give exactly the desired sound quality - for microphone, solo, or section playing. The Denis Wick trombone and Denis Wick bass trombone cup mutes have absolutely no bad notes and respond evenly in all registers.

Denis Wick "E.T." mutes are well engineered "Wow" mutes of traditional design. Denis Wick extending tube mutes all work well with tubes either in, extended, or removed. The Denis Wick trombone and Denis Wick bass trombone mutes are particularly good in the usually difficult low register.

Denis Wick practice mutes are perhaps the best teaching aid ever invented. Not only do they fulfill the need for the IN TUNE painless practice, so essential in the development of every young player and an indispensible "hotel mute" for the professional, but Denis Wick practice mutes also make possible an enormous improvement in tone quality using the entire vital capacity as a vibrating air column by opening the throat spaces through playing loudly in the low register. Denis Wick practice mutes are a fraction of cost of the electronic practice mutes now available, which do not develop the sound in the same way.

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