B&S Rotary Valve Trumpet

The B&S Rotary Valve Trumpet (3005/2) is equipped with a gold brass bell and body, with nickel silver valve casing. 3B ballbearing linkages on both ends of the valve connecting arm provide the ultimate in smooth and quiet operation. Nickel silver inner and outer slides.

  • Key: Bb
  • Series: Rotary Valve
  • Bore: .433″/11 mm
  • Bell: 4.960″/126 mm one-piece hand-hammered gold brass
  • Valves: Conical rotary valves
  • Finish: Clear lacquer

Rotary valve trumpets are widely used in many European countries by orchestral players. For example, in the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra you will mostly see trumpets with rotary valves. In Germany and Austria the piston valve trumpet is for playing jazz whilst orchestral trumpeters prefer the tone of trumpets with rotary valves.

Secondhand Scherzer 8120 Rotary Trumpet in C

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