Buffet E13 Clarinet (Hard Case)


Buffet E13 Clarinet Outfit
Intermediate Clarinet E13 with hard lockable case

“Recommended by music teachers because of their easy response and rem…

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Buffet E13 Clarinet

Recommended by music teachers because of their easy response and remarkable accuracy, the Buffet E13 clarinet helps the musician to develop their musical talent. Our clarinets are made from grenadilla wood. This special wood is found in the forests of Mozambique and Tanzania and is known for its resonance and stability, making it an ideal material for musical instruments. Whatever his or her level, the musician will appreciate the feel and the acoustic qualities of Buffet Crampton student clarinets. The bore (internal diameter) has been specially designed to increase easy response, flexibility and even performance in all registers.

You will be charmed by the quality of sound projection and the professional feel of this instrument. The high position bore means resistance is lowered. This clarinet is extremely comfortable to play thanks to its irreproachable keywork.
In addition to being great value, the Buffet E13 Clarinet has a top of the range high quality finish in line with Buffet Crampton tradition.


  • Selected grenadilla wood
  • Silver-plated keywork
  • Ergonomic key design
  • Blue steel springs
  • 17 Keys and 6 rings
  • Solid metal bell ring
  • Undercut toneholes
  • Adjustable thumbrest
  • Leather pads
  • Buffet Crampon mouthpiece
  • Buffet Crampon ligature
  • Equipped with clarinet clamps

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