Selmer Firebird Alto Sax


Selmer Firebird Alto Sax – Collector Edition


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Selmer Firebird Alto Sax

Selmer Firebird Alto Sax Series III. This is a limited edition saxophone, produced as a tribute to Bird in 2008-2009. The Firebird (or Phoenix) symbolises the rebirth of Europe after World War II. With unique engraving of a firebird, black pearls, and a red S neck logo, this sax truly looks as good as it sounds!

  • Key: E-flat
  • Keys: Lacquered brass
  • High F key
  • Plastic adjustable thumbrest right hand
  • Blue steel needle springs
  • Leather pads with metal booster

The “SERIES III” Alto saxophone goes on writing the story of the “Selmer Sound” : free and centered, the instrument offers a very pleasant playability. It responses to the slightest breath or tongue modulation so that the player can really express his musical personnality. Some new features, as the double C# mechanism (Selmer patent), create a perfectly stable overall tuning and a well – balanced high register.
Thanks to its acoustic and working qualities, its ergonomic design, it is the saxophone of our time.

Selmer Saxophones

Ask any saxophone player, and they’ll tell you that Selmer saxophones are the standard by which all other saxophones are measured. Selmer saxes are world renowned for their quality both in manufacture and in musical tone. Not only is a Selmer saxophone the clear choice of most professionals, but it is one of the most commonly played saxophone for students as well. With models appropriate for a wide range of experience and budgets, there is a Selmer saxophone for everyone from the beginning student to the seasoned professional.

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