Selmer Odyssée A Clarinet


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Grenadilla wood Bore diameter: 14.55mm/0.573 inch Silver plated keys Leather pads  

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Selmer Odyssée A Clarinet

The Selmer Odyssée A Clarinet is a great professional instrument that features a bright round tone excellent intonation and homogenous tone colour. Respecting the Selmer Paris traditional hallmark, the “Odyssée” Bb and A clarinets are highly multivalent instruments, based on a balanced blend of brightness and roundness. Together with the tuning stability and the flexibility, the homogeneity of the tone colour turns the “Odyssée” into a very reliable instrument”

  • Model: 888/A Odyssée
  • Key: A
  • Bore diameter: 14.55mm/0.573 inch
  • Pitch: 442
  • Supplied with two barrels: 66.5 mm and 65mm
  • Barrels, body joints and bell: Grenadilla wood
  • Keywork: Silver plated nickel silver
  • Adjustable thumbrest
  • Leather pads
  • Metal tenon sockets (male)
  • Blue steel springs
  • Mouthpiece: C85 120 clarinet mouthpiece silver plated
  • Outfit includes a Selmer double case

About Selmer

With more than 450 employees, Selmer Paris is one of the major employers of the Mantes region (78).
Since 1885, Selmer Paris has created and manufactured all its own products, instruments and mouthpieces in its facilities in France. For better quality management, the production line is totally integrated. In order to maintain the highest quality standards linked to our name, we have settled on a very demanding quality policy. Even if such production involves many different professions and skills, they all have in common excellence and expertise, with a shared passion: let music live !


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