Selmer Paris S80 Series II-125 Soprano Saxophone Jubilee Model


A sensible offer would be considered. Gold lacquer, engraved

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Selmer Paris S80 Series II Soprano Saxophone Jubilee Model

Selmer Paris S80 Series II Soprano Saxophone (Super Action 80 Series II)- Gold Lacquer Engraved (GG)

The B-flat soprano saxophone “Super Action 80 Series II” represents a significant advance in the overall design of the soprano and asserts itself as a particularly interesting model in terms of sound colour.

A beautifully toned instrument, rich in high harmonics, it has excellent projection power.

Its design (a one-piece tube) ensures great playing stability, particularly as regards accuracy of pitch and blowing.

  • Key: B-flat
  • Range: high F sharp
  • Thumb rest : adjustable, in plastic
  • Blue steel needle springs
  • Leather pads, metal booster
  • Mouthpiece: S80 C*
  • Case: light-weight

Selmer Saxophones 

Ask any saxophone player, and they’ll tell you that Selmer saxophones are the standard by which all other saxophones are measured. Selmer saxes are world renowned for their quality both in manufacture and in musical tone. Not only is a Selmer saxophone the clear choice of most professionals, but it is one of the most commonly played saxophone for students as well. With models appropriate for a wide range of experience and budgets, there is a Selmer saxophone for everyone from the beginning student to the seasoned professional.

Selmer saxophones still represent the gold standard by which others are compared. Since Selmer first developed the Mark VI in 1954, Selmer’s best saxophones have been a clear favourite of students and professionals alike.

Soprano Sax Mouthpieces 

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