Ultra Pure Linkage Lever and Key Oil

Ultra Pure Linkage, Lever and Key Oil is used for rotary valve mechanical linkages, ball joints, levers, keys, triggers, etc. It is excellent on all threaded parts, such as valve cap threads and threaded bells. Use also as woodwind key oil for clarinet, saxaphone, flute, oboe, bassoon, etc.  Since it is a thicker oil, it will last a very long time and will protect metal-to-metal joints.


Place a few drops on the ball joints, hinges, levers, or other metal-to-metal connections of rotary valves and woodwinds.  If you use it on a woodwind instrument, be sure to use just a tiny bit and be careful not to get oil on the pads.


Ultra-Pure Oils started in 1990 with custom blends of synthetic oils to develop the ideal lubricant for valves: Fast, light, and super-smooth with a little silky feel to it. Long-lasting and odorless. No build-up or staining.

 Fast-forward to today and you can find Ultra-Pure products in fine music stores and online shops the world over.

​​Ultra-Pure Oils LLC is a family-owned and operated business. We care about the environment and recycle all our waste cardboard, plastic bottles, and any waste oils.  Please remember to reuse or wash and recycle your bottle when it is empty.

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