Wallace Collection 4 Valve Eb Trumpet

Wallace Collection 4 Valve Eb Trumpet


Wallace Collection 4 Valve Eb Trumpet with 2 bells and 2 lead pipes


Wallace Collection 4 Valve Eb Trumpet

The Wallace Collection 4 Valve Eb trumpet was developed in co-operation with John Wallace and Iain Muirhead. Manufactured in Germany by Voigt Brass.


Bore: 0.437”

Bell: 4.567” handhammered one piece bell

Exchangeable bell and leadpipe

Nickel silver outer slides

Waterkey on the 3rd and 4th valve slide

Snap off Stopper at the 3rd valve slide

Light and heavy bottom caps

Outfit includes:

Two bells, light in yellow brass & light in copper

Two leadpipes, yellow brass & nickel silver

Instrument only

About the Wallace Collection 4 Valve Eb Trumpet

Existential – Transcendental
The Wallace Collection 4-valve trumpet is designed to meet the needs of the twenty-first century trumpet artist. During the course of the twentieth century, the trumpet evolved rapidly from being a mostly two dimensional instrument – military and lyrical – into a multi-faceted instrument capable in the hands of a true artist of every nuance of expression.
This trumpet is for the artist who wants to explore the innermost recesses of the human pysche and soul. This trumpet is the musical tool to unlock that deeper musical expression we all strive for. If you are that artist – this is that trumpet.
John Wallace

The most powerful tool you can ever use as a musician is one which allows freedom of expression, and continuity of thought.
The Wallace Colection-Voigt hand crafted Eb trumpet allows seemless playing at all dynamics. The design permits changes of leadpipes and bells which have been designed to compliment each other perfectly. This handcrafted trumpet has been designed by performers, it is balanced in the hand and has a unique characteristic which will allow the performer to concentrate on the music and not on the mechanics of playing. The sound is compact and powerfull whilst all dynamics speak with clarity.
Iain Muirhead

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Weight 5 kg


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