Yamaha YCR-4330GS silver plated Cornet


ML bore Gold brass bell Silver plated 

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Yamaha YCR-4330GS silver plated Cornet

The Yamaha YCR-4330GS silver plated Cornet has been designed to incorporate many of the features and characteristics of their top pro models, yet at a intermediate model price. It offers a beautiful traditional cornet sound, and have highly accurate intonation and a comfortable playability.
The YCR-4330GS has a “shepherd’s crook” style bell and features a thumbhook on the 1st valve slide. The lightweight design gives quick, easy response. Silver plated.

Tuning slides

The 2nd and main tuning slides are produced using the same method as high-end Yamaha models, which provides stability, a more refined tonal color and added durability.

Bore size and lead pipe

The redesigned rounded leadpipe and ML (medium-large) 11.65mm (0.459″) bore give this instrument a smooth and light response and a warm tone quality.

YCR-4330Gll YCR-4330GSll
Key Bb Bb
Bell Material Two piece, Gold brass Two piece, Gold brass
Bell Diameter 119mm (4-2/3″) 119mm (4-2/3″)
Bore Size ML 11.65mm (0.459″) ML 11.65mm (0.459″)
Weight Medium Medium
Finish Gold lacquer Silver-plated
Mouthpiece CR-11E4S CR-11E4S
Case Included Included

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Silver Plated


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