Buffet B12-5RV Clarinet


The Buffet B12-5RV Clarinet has a Vandoren 5RV ebonite mouthpiece worth £99 included in the outfit.

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Buffet B12-5RV Clarinet

The Buffet B12-5RV Clarinet has a  Vandoren 5RV ebonite mouthpiece  worth £99 included in the outfit, so there would be no need to upgrade the mouthpiece for some time.

The Buffet B12 is lightweight, strong and easy to clean – perfect for even very young players. The instrument, with plastic body rings, straight keywork and without the traditional bell ring has an attractive and modern design. The body is stained and brushed to give the appearance of wood. The nickel silver keywork is cold forged and induction soldered, providing greater stability, precision and quality. Like all models in the Buffet student range, the B12 is equipped with an adjustable thumb rest for ease of locating the most comfortable thumb position and a neck strap ring to reduce weight on hands when using the neck strap. Additional detail that sets the B12 apart from other student clarinets are the adjustable thumb rest and decent key work made from nickel silver. These elements of detail may seem small but they make all the difference. The adjustable thumb rest makes the clarinet much more comfortable for a young or new player as it does as it suggests – adjusts to the size of the players hands. The key work is important as cheaper or less well-made clarinets can have rough, or sharp feeling keys. The keys on the Buffet B12 Clarinet are well finished and smooth.


  • 442 Hz
  • Key Bb
  • ABS resin body
  • Silver plated keywork
  • 17 keys/6 rings
  • Body rings made from plastic and silver-plated
  • Blue needle springs
  • Adjustable thumb rest
  • Undercut tone holes
  • Double fish skin pads

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