Lidl 342D Arion F/Bb French Horn


Full double in F/Bb
Detachable bell
Miniball linkages

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Lidl 342D Arion F/Bb French Horn

The Lidl 342D Arion F/Bb French Horn is a full double horn which can also be set up for Bb/F. With a yellow brass detachable bell the Arion produces a full, clear French Horn sound. Miniball linkages give the valves a quick and agile feel. The 342D is a great option for advanced players, particularly those who spend a lot of their time playing 2nd and 4th parts in orchestras and require a strong low range with the ability to comfortably use the full range of the instrument.

  • F/Bb
  • 4 valves
  • Bore: 11.7 mm
  • Bell: 300 mm, yellow brass, detachable
  • Nickel silver slides
  • Miniball linkages

Supplied with back pack case and mouthpiece.

About Lidl

Since 1892 Josef Lidl Brno brass instruments have been on of the leading manufactures in the world. Thanks to the combination of dedicated traditional workmanship and modern production techniques, we are in a position to produce durable instruments with an outstanding tone and excellent intonation. And because we still use, when required, the old tried and tested craftsmanship methods we can cater for changes and special models. Other Lidl French Horns Our full range of French Horns can be seen here

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