CarolBrass CTR-5000L-YLT-Bb-SL Vocabell Trumpet

CarolBrass CTR-5000L-YLT-Bb-SL Vocabell Trumpet


Light-weight, reversed leadpipe trumpet with “Vocabell” unwired bell rim.


CarolBrass CTR-5000L-YLT-Bb-SL Vocabell Trumpet

The CarolBrass CTR-5000L-YLT-Bb-SL Vocabell Trumpet features an all-brass light-weight body with reversed leadpipe and large, light weight yellow brass bell. “Vocabell” refers to an unwired bell rim (often called rimless) which was used on some Conn trumpets in the 1930s and ’40s – see below for more information.. Supplied with two tuning slides (rounded and square) for extra versatility this is a bright easy playing trumpet which due to the light weight bell is best suited to bigband/lead-type playing.

Model: CTR-5000L-YLT
Key: Bb
Finish: Satin Lacquer
Bore: ML 0.460″
Bell: Yellow brass, Large,  Thin, Vocabell without bell wire
Leadpipe: Yellow brass
Tuning slides: Yellow brass
1st valve slide fixed finger ring
3rd valve slide fixed finger ring with stopper screw

Build you own specification of CarolBrass Trumpet at Carol Custom Brass

Outfit includes:

Backpack case
CarolBrass® 3C mouthpiece
Cleaning cloth
La Troma T2 valve oil
Ultra Pure slide grease
Squared & rounded main tuning slides
Super thin finger button set

More about the Vocabell:

Designed and used by C.G. Conn. It was originally designed to increase the instrument’s volume, per Conn’s description in a 1933 edition of the Conn Loyalist:

The most popular trumpet on the market. Used by such first chair stars as Lebert Lombardo (Guy Lombardo), Jack Cavan (Charlie Agnew), Lamar Wright (Cab Calloway), Charlie Williams (Duke Ellington), David Glickstein (Broadway shows) and Eddie Camden (Don Bestor). The Vocabell rim is a single, integral piece of metal which allows it to vibrate freely. Conventional bells have a rigid wire in the rim which tends to muffle the tone and dampen out the delicate harmonics that are so essential to clear tone and rich coloring. Delicate instruments of Columbia Broadcasting Studio in New York show the Vocabell has from 12 to 15 decibels greater volume, is smoother and more even in scale, and is clearer and purer in tone than trumpets with the conventional type bells.

About CarolBrass: Handcrafted in Chiayi, Taiwan, CarolBrass instruments offer exceptional value for money for all players from beginners to seasoned pros. All CarolBrass trumpets cornets and flugel horns feature the same high quality stainless steel valves (also used by many custom manufacturers throughout the world) ensuring years of trouble-free playing. There are two series of CarolBrass instruments: Standard Series and Custom Series.

Standard Series: Includes all levels of instrument from beginner (1xxx) to professional (5/6xxx). These are standard configurations based on CarolBrass’ experience. For details please refer to Standard Series Model Numbering You can also customise the Standard Series models: Standard Series Custom Options

Custom Series: With the Custom Series the player can choose their own specification making use of different materials (such as yellow brass, gold brass, red brass, bronze and sterling silver, etc.), bell size and weight, leadpipe design – the permutations are almost endless! Some examples of the Custom Series can be seen here: Custom Series models For a full list of options please see the links below:

Custom Series Model Numbering

Custom Series Custom Options

Our full CarolBrass trumpet list

Additional information

Weight 5 kg

Satin lacquer


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