Long Model Cornets

Long Model Cornets are the preferred style of instrument for players that hail from the United States. The long-model or “American-wrap” cornet, often with a smaller bore and a brighter sound, is produced in a variety of different tubing wraps and is closer to a trumpet in appearance. The Shepherd’s Crook model is preferred by cornet traditionalists, and is the most popular style of Cornet design across Europe. The long-model cornet is generally used in concert bands in the United States, but has found little following in British-style brass and concert bands. Production of the “Long Model” was launched in the mid-20th Century by C.G.Conn and F.E.Olds and visually is nearly indistinguishable from a trumpet except that it has a receiver fashioned to accept cornet mouthpieces. CarolBrass Cornets are available to order as long models, you can choose your own specification at Carol Custom Brass