Besson Euphoniums

Besson Euphoniums

The range of Besson Euphoniums consists of three main models: Prodige student model available in 3 valve (BE162) or 4 valve (BE165) configurations; the classic Sovereign available with 12″ (BE967) or 11″ (BE968) bell; and Prestige also available with 11″ (BE2051) or 12″ (BE2052) bell.

We usually keep the most popular models (12″ bell, silver plated) in stock with other variations available to order.

About Besson:

Working with the best craftsmen, the latest technology and the most highly regarded musicians, Besson always strives to do better, just as you do when you practice.

Never content with relying on tradition, great though it is, our desire is to put a brass instrument in your hands that allows you to play just the way you want.
Our unique brass sound is the one that band players strive for, its personality resonating through band rooms and concert halls around the world, straight to the audience’s grateful ears.

In recent years the quality of Besson brass instruments has continued to rise with rigorous testing and quality control. From the raw materials, the skilled techniques of master craftsmen, to the build and finish. Each instrument is played and tested by the greatest brass players you will ever hear.
We do this to provide you with the best instruments money can buy, a quality that endures and retains its value, making it a ‘sound’ investment to help you on your journey as a musician.

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