Tenor Saxophones

Tenor Saxophones have been the choice of many famous musicians. Examples of famous tenor saxophonists are John Coltrane, Stan Getz, Chris Potter, Andy Sheppard and Michael Brecker. The huskier and bommier sound, as well as its wider harmonic range make it a favourite for many musicians. They are very versatile and can be found in blues bands and function bands, as well as big band orchestras and ensembles. Its most recognisable feature is its curved neck. Pitched in Bb, tenor saxophones are smaller than baritone saxophones, but larger than alto saxophones. Tenor and alto saxophones tend to be two of the most commonly used in its category. Well known and best selling makers of these saxes are  Yamaha  Yanagisawa  System 54  and  Selmer