Yamaha Saxophones

Yamaha Saxophones

Yamaha saxophones are amongst the best selling saxophones worldwide, and are considered by many to be the best in the world, and here at Trevor Jones you’ll find a range of Yamaha saxes at competitive prices.  We offer instruments for the beginner student, via the ‘step-up’ Intermediate models, through to the high-quality Professional range.  All feature highly accurate intonation, a warm tone and a quick response. Yamaha make a large range of soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxes with models suitable for beginners right through to top level pros.

Yamaha’s characteristic clear sound, which is bright, but also has a richness and depth, making them versatile saxophones with excellent projection. Yamaha have worked hard to create an instrument that is easy to play with excellent intonation, which set a new benchmark in terms of build quality and attention to detail and innovation, and its legendary reliability has made it a favourite of many professionals.

The YAS-280 and YTS-280 alto and tenor make a great instrument for beginners and aspiring players working through the early grades. The professional range starts with the 62 alto, tenor and baritone and the 675 soprano – these are seen by many as modern day classics – with the 82Z and 875 providing fantastic options for the most discerning of players.

Top players who have endorsed Yamaha saxophones are as follows:

  • Robert Kyle
  • Mike Tomaro
  • Michael Hester
  • Jeff Coffin
  • Richard Rath
  • Frankie Perez
  • Frank Catalano
  • Sue Terry
  • Gregory Yasinitsky
  • Joe Lulloff
  • Willie Hill
  • Nelson Hill
  • Michael Ghegan
  • Capitol Quartet