Trumpet mouthpieces

We have a wide variety of trumpet mouthpieces, available new or second hand from manufacturers such as Denis Wick, Vincent Bach, Schilke and Yamaha. Trumpet mouthpieces come in different sizes and dimensions to better suit the player. When you purchase a new trumpet the chances are, 99 times out of 100, that it will come with a 7C, which is an OK starter mouthpiece. Over time, when your embouchure has strengthened, it’s normal to look at upgrading your mouthpiece so you can improve your tone quality or range. A mouthpiece with more cup volume, so wider &/or deeper, will provide a fuller tone with an easier low register. It does however mean that the high register is likely to be more difficult. On the other hand a mouthpiece with less cup volume, so narrower &/or shallower, will provide a brighter tone with an easier high register. It does however mean that the low register is likely to be more difficult. So for general use choose a versatile mouthpiece…one that will do it all reasonably well and practice hard to build up thehigh register without aid. If you want to be the lead player or ‘screamer’ in a big band then it’s normal to look for assistance with a shallow/narrow mouthpiece, but your tone quality could suffer.

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