Warburton Trumpet and Cornet Cups

Warburton Trumpet and Cornet Cups for use with Warburton backbores. Rims are consistent whatever the cup depth, with inner diameters ranging from 17.5mm/.690″ to 15.25mm/.600″ (in other words both larger and smaller than many other manufacturers) there’s a Warburton mouthpiece to suit all requirements!

Desired SoundSuggested Cup Depths
Studio leadESV, ES, S, SV, M
Piccolo soundS, SV, M
Brass quintetM, MC, MV, MD, MDV
OrchestralMC, MV, MD, MDV, D, XD

All listings are for the standard silver plated version. We also have a selection of Warbonite tops in stock, please contact us for details.

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