Trumpet mutes

We keep in stock a large range of trumpet mutes.  The main types are the Straight, the Cup, the ET, the Bucket, the Plunger and the Practice. There are many makes of mute available and we can’t keep them all in stock, but we do have trumpet mutes by the following makers in alphabetical order:-
Best Brass, Bremner, Charley Davis, Denis Wick, FAXX, Humes & Berg, Jo Ral, Pro-line, Ray Parkyn, Tom Crown, Vacchiano, Vincent Bach, Wallace and Yamaha. Best Brass are mainly known for their “Warm-up” mute, Bremner are mostly known for their “SSSHHhhh” practice, Charley Davis for their Cup and ET, Denis Wick for their UK made large range, FAXX as their name suggests produce copies of mutes by other well know makers but are cheaper, Humes & Berg, one of the oldest companies still trading produce a range of their red & white “stone-lined” mutes, Jo Ral produce a range & are best known for their “Bubble” mute, a variant of an ET, Pro-line a unique wooden mute, Ray Parkin for their budget range, Tom Crown for their high quality range, Vacchiano for their straight, Wallace for their brightly coloured range & Yamaha for their Silent Brass practice system

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