Trombone mouthpieces

We keep in stock a good selection of large shank & small shank trombone mouthpieces. These are available new or second hand from well known manufacturers such as Dennis Wick, Schilke, Yamaha, Arnolds and Stork.

Most new tenor trombones come with a number 12C mouthpiece which if fine for beginners or if you want to favour the high register. As a players embouchure strengthens a popular upgrade mouthpiece is the 6½AL, or if you want to favour the high register but get a bigger sound the 7C. These are suggestions, but it’s best to go to a shop & try them out.

Mouthpieces come in different sizes and dimensions to better suit the player. A choice in mouthpieces for a player is entirely subjective, and what would work for one player may be entirely different for another.

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