Dave Guardala Tenor Saxophone Mouthpieces. Get a free Dave Guardala Tenor Sax Mouthpiece of your choice when you purchase a Yanagisawa TW010 Tenor Saxophone or a Yanagisawa TW020 Tenor Saxophone

Dave Guardala King Tenor Sax Mouthpiece
This is the second brightest and compact of the Tenor models. It is patterned after the sound of King Curtis a combination of the Detroit & Texas sound. This mouthpiece incorporates a high baffle and a small chamber. This mouthpiece can be used for the same types of Music as The SuperKing/R&B. For players who are acquainted with high baffle small bore mouthpieces, it can be used for Mainstream BeBop, Jazz and Contemporary/Pop

Dave Guardala New Crescent Tenor Sax Mouthpiece
This model was designed with the “Coltrane” sound in mind. The sound of this mouthpiece is reminiscent of the John Coltrane album “Crescent” circa 1963. It features a slightly smaller tip opening (7*) than the other models. It has a large bore and a slight baffle

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