Silver Headjoints – a vital upgrade for flute players. Replacing a flute’s headjoint is like giving it a new personality. For example, putting a gold headjoint on a silver flute makes it play similarly to an all gold instrument. It is generally acknowledged that many expensive flutes have headjoints that do not allow them to be played at their best. Indeed, by replacing the poor headjoint of an otherwise first-rate instrument, the player can realize its full potential. Another important need for a new headjoint is for the player who owns a moderately priced, mass-produced flute in good mechanical condition. The greatest improvement in its quality, with minimal investment can be the replacement of the headjoint. It is often far less expensive and more desirable to replace the headjoint of this class of instrument than to replace the entire flute with a more costly one. It is important to know that headjoint making is a special expertise apart from other areas of flute making. Unlike traditional makers whose expertise is divided among the many aspects of flute making, my company is exclusively devoted to the art and science of headjoint making.

Changing the headjoint on your flute can be a useful way of customising the instrument to your liking, improving tone depth, articulation, flexibility and response. The headjoint is the voicebox of the flute, and the most important part when it comes to tone production. The two main factors in sound quality are the material the headjoint is made from and, arguably more significantly, the “cut”.

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