CarolBrass Trumpets

CarolBrass Trumpets are rapidly gaining a reputation for offering excellent quality at surprisingly affordable prices.

We stock a large range of CarolBrass trumpets which are available to try in the shop and are listed on this page. However, we can’t keep everything so trumpets which are not usually kept in stock are available to order.

If you want to order your own specification of CarolBrass trumpet you can specify your choice of finish, water keys and more!

Custom ordered instruments typically take about 14 weeks to arrive. With this option the customer can specify the trumpet they want, right down to the finish, water keys and even finger rings or hooks.

About CarolBrass:
Handcrafted in Chiayi, Taiwan, CarolBrass instruments offer exceptional value for money for all players from beginners to seasoned pros. All CarolBrass trumpets cornets and flugel horns feature the same high quality stainless steel valves (also used by many custom manufacturers throughout the world) ensuring years of trouble-free playing. There are two main series of CarolBrass instruments: Styles Offered and Materials Offered.

Styles Offered: Includes all levels of instrument from beginner (1xxx) to professional (5/6xxx). These are standard configurations based on CarolBrass’ experience. You can also customise the Styles models with different finishes, materials and bell sizes.

Materials Offered: With Materials Offered the player can choose their own specification making use of different materials (such as yellow brass, gold brass, red brass, bronze and sterling silver, etc.), bell size and weight, leadpipe design – the permutations are almost endless!