Cornet mouthpiece accessories appear here. We stock a whole range of mouthpiece accessories including: Mouthpiece pouches from Denis Wick – these mouthpiece pouches can hold multiple items and will protect the mouthpiece from and chips and bumps to the original finish. We also sell a Denis Wick Mouthpiece booster – this is a metal collar that surrounds the Mouthpiece giving the player clearer articulation and superior projection. Cornet mouthpiece accessories also include Cornet to Trumpet mouthpiece adaptors – these will allow a Cornet player to use their usual mouthpiece in a standard Trumpet leadpipe. The Warburton “PETE” Embouchure training system is also something we keep as it is very useful for both young and experienced players to keep in shape as well as the Bobcat mouthpiece removal system, for those times a moupiece is difficult to remove from an instrument.