Trombone mouthpiece accessories appear here. We have a whole range of mouthpiece accessories available to order including: Mouthpiece pouches from Denis Wick – these mouthpiece pouches can hold multiple items and will protect the mouthpiece from and chips and bumps to the original finish.  The Warburton “PETE” Embouchure training system is also something we keep as it is very useful for both young and experienced players to keep in shape when away from the horn.

We also have mouthpiece trainers developed by “BERP” available to order. The Berp you develop proper breath support by blowing into resistance, letting you buzz your mouthpiece while you hold your instrument in the regular playing position. The Berp also lets you press your instrument’s valves or move the slide to match the pitches you’re buzzing, so you gain ear-training benefits through reinforcing the connection between buzzing the mouthpiece and playing.