Stork Trombone Mouthpieces

“The Custom Series line of Stork trombone mouthpieces evolved out of the work we have done over the past 35 years for leading symphonic and commercial players”
Choice of weight distribution in the form of blank style is a major element in the design of the Custom Series. Players can choose between the light blank style or the heavier version.
The light blank offers quick response and easy manipulation of timbre. The heavy blank offers stability and a consistent, reliable core center of sound that can stand up to the rigors of orchestral playing.
There are two options in the Custom Series line: Standard and Symphonic.
The Symphonic models have larger bores and back bores than the standard models do. (see chart below for bore sizes).
Additionally, the Symphonic models have chamfers added to the end of the shank. A chamfer is a small angled surface added onto the end of a shaft around the opening of a hole. Its purpose is to reduce the step between the end of the mouthpiece and the lead pipe which reduces the turbulence at the meeting point in effect elongating the back bore right into the lead pipe.

As a quick explanation of the terms we use to describe our cups, the term “Ledge” is used to define that point of the cup where it begins to taper in towards the bore. The sharper the angle of the ledge, the more “C” shaped the cup will become.
Of course, the Ledge is not the only factor to determine cup shape. The “Throat” area of the cup, or what can be described as the entrance to to bore of the mouthpiece, also has a tremendous influence on the overall shape of the cup. The Throat area has an enormous influence on regulating the flow of the air. It’s the balance between both of these aspects that gives the Custom Series its truly unique qualities.