Yamaha Trombone Mouthpieces

In addition new new boxed Yamaha Trombone Mouthpieces we have some new old stock at reduced prices. These may be unboxed and have minor cosmetic flaws but play as well as a new mouthpiece.

Yamaha trombone mouthpieces are available with either small shanks or large shanks. The shank refers to the part of the mouthpiece that fits into the receiver of the trombone. Trombones usually come in two standard sizes: small bore and large bore. Small bore trombones typically have a narrower receiver, and large bore trombones have a wider receiver.

To match the different trombone sizes, Yamaha offers mouthpieces with either small shanks or large shanks to ensure proper fitting and optimal performance for each type of trombone. The mouthpiece shank size must match the receiver size of the specific trombone to ensure a proper fit and to allow the player to produce the best sound and playability.

If you are considering purchasing one, it is essential to know which size is suitable for your trombone. If you are uncertain, it is recommended to consult with a music professional or a knowledgeable trombone player who can help you determine the appropriate mouthpiece shank size for your specific instrument. Additionally, manufacturers may update their product offerings, so I recommend checking the official Yamaha website or contacting authorized dealers for the most current information on their mouthpiece options.