Straight Trombone Mutes

Our selection includes top-notch straight trombone mutes from renowned brands such as King, Denis Wick, Vincent Bach, Tom Crown, Wallace, Jo Ral, Humes & Berg, Pro-line, and even high-quality second-hand options. With a variety of mutes in stock, you’ll find the perfect fit for your playing style and preferences. We offer mutes crafted from aluminium, plywood, fiber, and plastic, each providing unique tonal qualities and playing experiences. Whether you seek the warm resonance of wood, the lightweight convenience of plastic, or the balance of aluminum, we have the perfect mute to suit your needs. Elevate your trombone’s sound and expression with our diverse selection of top-quality mutes. Find your ideal match and explore new musical dimensions today! Enhance your trombone’s versatility and performance today with one of our exceptional mutes. Shop now and experience the difference in your music!