Here you will find our trumpet accessories, including mutes, valve oil, mouthpieces, valve guards, stands and gig bags. Included in this list is a huge range of new and second hand manufacturers such as Conn, Yamaha, Bach, Tom & Will, Reunion Blues, Elkhart and Bags. You can also find a wide selection of mouthpieces, available new or second hand from Arnolds, Dennis Wick, Paxman, Yamaha, Schilke, Stork, Taylor and Bach. Trumpet stands by Konig & Meyer. Mutes & mouthpieces by Denis Wick. Champion trumpet cases by Barnes & Mullins. Mouthpice pouches & valve guards. Warburton trumpet mouthpiece cups & backbores. Kanstul trumpet mouthpiece cups & backbores. Plastic trumpet mouthpieces by Brand & Kelly