Denis Wick Trumpet Mouthpieces come in a range of models and sizes to suit the trumpet players requirements. So in general terms if you want to play high more easily with a bright carrying sound try a 5E or a 5X. If you want to play low more easily with a darker sound try a number 2.
Denis Wick Trumpet mouthpieces have set new standards for tone, comfort and intonation and have become a vital part of every brass player’s equipment.
The Denis Wick factory in Hamworthy, Dorset employs skilled technicians and craftsmen to create these carefully designed accessories. Through a global system of distributors and dealers these items are sold to musicians across the globe. Denis Wick Trumpet Mouthpieces can be found in orchestras, jazz groups, high school bands, British-style brass bands and military bands in every corner of the world. Their reach is truly universal. The sound of British brass-playing is much admired and much emulated throughout the world. Denis Wick mutes and mouthpieces have helped create this distinctive timbre, and have come to represent an important part of our musical heritage.
The company won the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade in 2013. This accolade is one of Britain’s most coveted business awards, and offers recognition for some of the UK’s most successful companies, both large and small. It is a reflection of the success that Denis Wick Products has achieved all over the world with its best-selling accessories for brass instrument.
One of our leading composers played a decisive role in the design of one of the company’s most popular mutes. Denis Wick played various prototypes of the trombone mute to Benjamin Britten, and the one that Britten chose is still manufactured today. Few manufacturers can boast of the seal of approval of a famed composer and master orchestrator such as Britten.
Denis Wick Products is a British success story and continues to export and innovate, flourishing in the highly competitive world of the music trade.