Second Hand Trumpet Mouthpieces

We usually have a large range of Second Hand Trumpet Mouthpieces in stock. Vincent Bach, Yamaha, Schilke, Denis Wick and Warburton are often available with others such as Wedge, Best Brass, XStream, Kelly, Parker, GR, JetTone etc. also appearing in this section. We also have vintage mouthpieces such as Rudy Mück, Selmer Range Finder.

Trumpet mouthpieces are available in such a wide range of sizes, rims shapes and weights that it can get very expensive buying new mouthpieces many times until you settle on “the one”. Buying second hand mouthpieces is a great way of trying something different without breaking the bank!

Condition listed is based on the cosmetic appearance of the mouthpiece with any flaws listed in the full description.