Stork Trumpet Mouthpieces

Stork Trumpet Mouthpieces are among the best and most respected in the world.

In their own words:

Stork Custom Mouthpieces has been serving brass players the world over for 25 years.

We first opened our doors in mid-town Manhattan right on Broadway and 46th Street. Since then we have moved our operations to the beautiful hills of Vermont. Our focus was then and has continued to be mouthpieces…and only mouthpieces.

Our business is built on knowledge, experience and craftsmanship. We’ve built our reputation on this foundation. We have the skills to solve any mouthpiece issue and we treat every player like what they do is the most important thing in the world, not based on what position they may hold, but based on the understanding of what making music means to every one of us.

Here’s to the players!