Taylor trumpet mouthpieces are specially made in Norwich and come in some very unusual and unique designs. The materials they are made from, such as Kirinite and Polyester are highly durable and comfortable to play as well as having the same tonal ranges and posibilities as their traditional brass counterparts. Unlike brass however, they can be crafted in numerous eye catching and cool designs and they truly are attention grabbing.
There are two styles in the trumpet range. The first is the bread and butter mouthpiece. This will cover about 80% of what trumpeters ‘actually’ play. No rocket science here, C style cups, in the most popular diameters. A very comfortable rim profile that doesn’t tire the player and enough weight to make your trumpet work efficiently, giving it a big, powerful sound.
The second is the commercial variant, not specifically a ‘lead’ mouthpiece, more for good all round use with the emphasis toward commercial playing. The slightly shallower cup with a more pronounced ‘shoulder’ to the profile helps the upper register while maintaining good low range and usable dynamics.