C Cornet

Aimed at the orchestral “doubler”, the C Cornet is a specialist instrument occasionally used in the Symphony Orchestra. CarolBrass have designed this excellent instrument to be of professional quality, without the huge outlay that a professional quality instrument usually demands. The instrument comes as a full outfit with case, mouthpiece, cleaning cloth, valve oil and tuning slide grease included. Trevor Jones is also the UK distributor for CarolBrass, a huge very varied selection is available exclusively at Trevor Jones Brass and Woodwind, these instruments really are of professional quality for intermediate outlay!

If you want to order your own specification of CarolBrass cornet head over to Carol Custom Brass where you’ll be a few clicks away from your dream horn!

Custom ordered instruments typically take about 12 weeks to arrive. With this option the customer can specify the trumpet they want, right down to the finish, water keys and even finger rings or hooks.

Instruments listed as being in stock are available to try if you are able to visit us or to buy online.
Instruments listed as “to order” can be purchased online but we recommend contacting us for an estimated delivery date before ordering.
All of our instruments are checked and set up before we send them to you.