B&S Flugel Horns

All B&S Flugel Horns are equipped with monel pistons, hand hammered one piece bell and nickel silver outer slides. The third valve slide is vented so the trigger can be operated at any time regardless of whether the valve is depressed. The bore of the B&S Challenger 3145 Flugel Horn is small compared to most other Flugel Horns. At 0.413″ it’s bore is almost as small as the Bach Stradivarius which comes in at 0.401″.

The Challenger flugel is available with yellow or gold brass bell and in clear lacquer or silver plate.

About B&S

The love of music and the deep understanding of musicians and the demands on their instrument are the foundation of our work. We speak the language of musicians, listen to them carefully and do everything to ensure that their wishes in the manufacturing of instruments are fully implemented. We are conscious of tradition – on the basis of a 250-year experience.

And we do it competently – with craft mastery, sensitivity and flexibility as well as modern manufacturing processes. Here, we share in all divisions the passion for music and the perfect sounds. Only then can we build brass instruments of the highest quality.