CarolBrass Flugel Horns

CarolBrass Flugel Horns  are among the easiest playing flugels available today. Customers frequently comment on how easy they are to simply pick up and play which makes them particularly suited for doubling situations such as shows and big band work. Equally at home in brass bands, these flugel horns have exceptional intonation and quick response throughout the range.

Of course it’s not all about feel, CarolBrass Flugels sound great too! From the lighter sound of the yellow brass bell CFL-6200-YSS to the ultimate silky smooth mellowness of CFL-9990-RSS, there’s a CarolBrass flugel to suit all playing needs.

If you want something that’s not on offer here, head over to Carol Custom Brass where you can create the flugel of your dreams.